Rob and Jerry 2023

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Hi, I'm Roberto, I love photography and shoot a wide range of personal work showing my process on YouTube

Living in Sydney Australia with my dog Jerry. I take her on all my PhotoWalks from the beach to the forests to the mountains. She sniffs out a good photo and I take it.

The majority of my work is with my Olympus gear using the EM1 Mark II and the EM10 Mark II

I have been making YouTube videos since 2020 featuring tutorials on all the gear and my process. I do roughly 2 videos per week

I try most genres like Street Photography, Landscape, Macro, Portraits (of Jerry) and film photography in color and black and white.

I also develop my own film with monobath chemicals. Basically I try my hand at everything.

It's a fun hobby and I like doing it all

If you want to have a laugh and learn something along the way then come on over to my channel and say G'day

Rob and Jerry

Send a message to robdidonato at gmail